Senior Developer Advocate - Mobile and IoT

Job description:

    • Promote the adoption of Couchbase Mobile
    • Help to drive strategy for deep evangelization into other communities of developers working on mobile and embedded enterprise applications
    • Participate as a leader in the Couchbase Enterprise Community
    • Partner with regional Couchbase field technical leadership and community leaders to execute relevant technical events
    • Publicly speak at mobile developer conferences, meetups and internal events
    • Directly contribute while soliciting and organizing community contribution to articles, guides, application architecture references, and sample code
    • Liaise with internal stakeholders on critical tactical alignment
    • Advocate for developers internally and provide feedback on real-world pain points

Preferred Qualifications

    • Familiarity with development on embedded platforms
    • Java, C#, Javascript, Kotlin
    • Experience with working on distributed systems and NoSQL and/or relational databases
    • Education and/or career experience also in a non-CS discipline
    • Active participation in Open Source communities
    • Experience using git toolchains
    • Active on Stack Overflow

Minimum Requirements

    • 8+ years experience in native app development on one or more of the following platforms - iOS, Android, Windows
    • Objective-C and/or C/C++
    • Experience with cross platform mobile development
    • Demonstrated experience writing technical articles and solution references
    • Excellent public speaking skills with 3+ years experience presenting to technical audiences
    • Excellence at both individual and team work
    • A personal posture of active diplomacy; seizing on opportunities to align activities for mutual benefit
    • Comfortable with ambiguity; ready to apply experience and dialog to clarify expectations on-the-fly
    • Willing to travel 35% with the discipline to work from home when necessary

Don't Be Fooled

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